Thursday, August 9, 2012


On Friday April 13th, I posted "almost finished," and jinxed my remodel project.  It had taken just 10 weeks to that point to accomplish an incredible amount of work and change in my downstairs, including jackhammering a big hole, moving plumbing pipes and putting in a whole new bathroom.  Almost every day my driveway had been filled up with my contractor's and his sub's trucks and work trailers.  Some days I'd have to be up early shoveling snow so there would be space for all of them to park.  They worked hard, they worked fast.  They did wonderful work.  By mid-April it seemed we could finish up in just a couple more weeks.  I could not possibly know events would arise that would prevent my contractor from completing the job for four more months! 

There are a lot of things I could be mad about and I could lay out a lot of blame here.  But I'm not and I won't.  The truth is, despite poor communication, being left in the dark a lot, and sometimes feeling like a doormat, I really do understand the problems my contractor was up against.  He's an honest and ethical man and he had to make some tough choices.  My project had to suffer delays as a result.  But on the plus side, he does excellent work, I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product.  If I had a choice, I'd rather have a top quality but delayed job than a fast, shoddy job.  Would I hire him for another project?  In a heartbeat!

I have the bedroom just about set up now and my granddaughter is staying with me to try it out.  I've ordered some furniture for the family room.  You'd think I could find a couch to my liking in northern Utah somewhere.  But no, my criteria was too specific, and after looking everywhere, I finally special-ordered one; and by the way, got a really top quality Broyhill for comparable price to stack 'em deep and sell 'em cheap outfits in town.   It'll be another 6 weeks or so till the couch comes. But I've learned patience!  Haha!

Actually, the final inspection still has to happen, but we don't anticipate difficulty with that.  There were just a couple of things needed from the first inspection.

I will post pictures soon.  Even without furniture, it's a homey and cozy place.  I'm so happy with it and so happy it is finally FINISHED!


troutbirder said...

I concur 100% with your "do it right" philosophy over "hurry up."
Our new house was built by a master carpenter, his nephew, my spouse who (with help) ordered building materials and me the "gopher" and third level carpenter and "gopher". I had to redo several things when they didn't meet the head carpenters inspection.... :)

Bekkieann said...

Haha, TB, you are modest, but I'll bet you do some fine work.