Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost finished

I am so silly, like a kid before Christmas.  I couldn't sleep last night past 2 a.m.  I finally got up and watched some TV and played Sudoku online.  It has been about 10 weeks and we are looking at some of the final work to complete the remodel.

Earlier this week the rock work got done on the fireplace and tile floors in the entrance and bathroom.  Some of the final lighting is done, but the electrician will be back one more time.

Today the custom vanity cabinet and vanity top go in.  I have to admit I sort of took a chance on this vanity, giving the cabinetmaker a general design idea, wood, color, and size.  I haven't seen it but he said it looks pretty.  I'll see it today along with the custom top I ordered separately--a cultured granite solid surface, all one piece including bowl and back splash.  It could be wonderful or it could be awful.  I'm excited to see it.

Tomorrow, finally, the washer and dryer go in.  It was supposed to be yesterday, but there was some slip-up on the scheduling.  I don't have the greatest confidence that this will go without a hitch.  But I'm hoping.  It will be so nice to do laundry in my own house again.

Then next week, the bathroom will get finished, carpet down in bedroom and family room, finish electrical throughout, details like doorknobs, and the final inspection.  Somewhere in there a custom mantel gets done, too.  I'm trusting my contractor on that one--he has a way of capturing my vision and creating something truly beautiful.

And before long, I will have my quiet home back again.  And I'll stop blogging about remodeling and resume my life.

UPDATE:  Yes, a couple of glitches.  The vanity was delivered Friday and is perfect and absolutely charming.  We designed it to look like it sits on feet, but it is actually sitting on a box and the feet are just decorative (so I don't have to struggle with cleaning underneath).  The top was not right and had to go back.  I had ordered an ogee edge, and it came with a square edge.  I'll have it next Wednesday.   The washer and dryer were delivered Saturday.  The electrician had not finished all the wiring, including the 110v outlet for the washer.  No problem, I'm washing anyway using an extension cord.  And the dryer vent they delivered is stiff and forces the unit to be out from the wall about 10 inches or so.  With a more flexible one, I can slide it back a few more inches.  I have a temporary one I'm using and will get a better one installed when my contractor is here.  They are front-loading units stacked so they only take up the space of one unit.  I love them already.  Doing the first load of laundry as I write.