Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn 2014

Life these days is so much about caring for other people.  But at the same time, I'm managing to continue to tackle projects.  Yes, there are still projects on my list.  This weekend I managed to clear out all the boxes of Christmas decorations from under the stairs, and throw away or give away everything except the few I still use.  The nice thing is that now everything will fit on easiily-accessible shelves in the garage instead of under the dark, scary stairs where spiders and who-knows-what-else lurks. 

And I took a few pictures of the autumn around my yard yesterday and today.  Leaves are halfway finished falling.  I'm not raking just yet.  Wait a week or so until most are down.  And then I'll probably phone Alberto anyway.  Today, I'm taking a much-needed day off for some downtime with my little Frankie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blood Moon, October 8, 2014

Full moon, Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon, all the same moon today.  I was up early and enjoyed watching all the phases as it progressed.  The red color was thrilling to see.  I tried taking photos, but had forgotten to find the tripod and my efforts looked more like timelapse with a string of moons captured during the long open lens.  Blurry, too, since I skipped the autofocus for manual and did not have contacts in the eyes to really tell when I had a good focus.  So all in all, it was fun getting up to see the event, and I came away with a shot decent enough that I could crop and "shop" to make a decent illustration here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Reposting this from a few years ago.  Love the change of seasons.  It's a beautiful autumn here so far, if rainy and wet.  Leaves a changing a falling, just as they are supposed to.


From my open window
This mild October morning
A breeze
With musky, ripe scent
Swirls through my space and me.

The giant elm across the way
Soughs, bends, straightens
With age-stiffened limbs
Not unlike my own.

Silhouetted against a still-dark sky,
Its leafy fullness
Shows no hint of changes
Soon to come.

Neighbor houses closed up tight
In their man-made coolness
Do not share this pleasure
I enjoy—a treat
For all the senses.

I sit by open window
My house fragrant
With the new season.
I breathe of it deeply
And feel a kinship.
I, too, am autumn.

My day ahead is busy,
Duties tug,
Pulling me away

But the breeze persuades me
To stay a bit longer.
To feel this coolness
And taste a delicious ripeness
And receive the subtle messages
Of change.

Copyright 2011 Becky Stauffer