Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life Changes Again

After a four-week "summer vacation" from school, the grandkids go back today.  Oh, it's all right.  They will get a wonderful five-week winter vacation from Thanksgiving to New Year.  Starting today both kids are in school for a full day and I will at last have some good solid time for my yard work and projects.  When I have the kids, we just play together and have adventures.  Even when I think I might just run the vacuum while they are here, it never happens.  We are constantly engaged.  This is entirely my doing.  But it does tend to take time away from some of the things I really need to do.

Another change, very sad, a good friend of mine died this past week.  I only knew this man online--never met in person.  We played Scrabble on Facebook for nearly four years.  In that time, such a rich and happy friendship developed.  I want to write about him a little more in length when I can sit down and do it justice.  This has left me feeling sad and lost without my best Scrabble buddy who brought wit, humor, kindness, and insight to our chats during daily games.  I am losing interest in playing Scrabble at all now or visiting Facebook much anymore as it all reminds me of the one of the nicest people I've ever not met.

I may start blogging more  now, I don't know.  I feel subdued and may be a bit reclusive for awhile.  The grandkids remain a daily responsibility getting them off to school in the morning and picking up after school.  It's a good thing, I know, as it forces me to be up, showered, dressed, and coffee'd up by 6 a.m., making sure I don't lay around wasting the day.

I don't know how to end this blog.  This marks the beginning of another phase in my life.  I think I'll end like this . . .