Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poetry Wednesday: Unfulfilled

by Becky Stauffer

Sometimes the world 
feels so big,
and I, so small,
so weak.

I'd planned to do 
so much by now,
when I grew up,
got big.

But I never 
grew enough
to be equal 
to the task.

Copyright Becky Stauffer 2012
All rights reserved

Reprising the old Poetry Wednesday meme. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I build a bookcase

One might wonder why a woman who spends weeks shopping at every furniture store in two counties for the perfect couch and finally has to special order it custom-built, would settle for assemble-yourself furniture in the same room.  I guess partly to save a little money and partly because this was a very pretty bookcase for furniture you assemble yourself.  Took me two hours on a Sunday afternoon.  Finished height is 48", I think.  I don't want any furniture taller than me in this room.  Here are the start and finish photos.

The couch and chair get delivered the first week in September, hopefully.  Window shutters are installed the week of September 19th.  Then I'll look around and decide what else is needed to complete the room.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lesser Goldfinches

While I try to think of something interesting to write about, I'll post some pics of cute little Lesser Goldfinches.  They were attracted to the thistle feeder and have been around for a couple of weeks.  Just fueling up, I think, for the next leg of their migration.

I picked up this feeder about two years ago on a clearance table for a couple of dollars, and kept thistle seed in it for weeks at a time, until finally pouring it out onto a ground feeder for the quail and doves who could be counted on to clean it up.  I get larger American Goldfinches, but they seem to prefer the sunflower seed I put out for the other finches.  I thought the thistle feeder was a waste of time and nearly threw it out.  So I was tickled when this charming little group showed up a couple of weeks ago.  I hope they remember this nice place where they found such yummy seed when they're passing through again.

UPDATE:  The following day, I spotted the little finches foraging in the Russian Sage.