Monday, February 10, 2014

Weary but with more patience

The remodel continues.  The doors are finished and look very nice.  The shower is finished and is just beautiful.  Only the flooring remains.  We were delayed partly because I couldn't decide what I wanted, and then when I decided, the item I chose had a long lead time.  So I finally decided on a different option.  It has been ordered and will be in Salt Lake next Tuesday (I'm told) and will be installed next week.  If all goes as planned, which it never does.  But after that, there's a little paint touch up to be done and then they are finished.  At least I do have some peace and quiet in my house while waiting for the flooring to arrive.  This has helped me to renew my calm and patience.  I'm still pretty much living in the basement, but I've gotten used to that, and I'm so glad it is such a cozy and homey place to pass the time.

Temperatures in Salt Lake will be near 50 all week long, with lots of rain in the valleys and snow in the mountains.  This is just how I like my winters.  The birds are singing in the yard and I begin to have hope for spring.