Friday, August 24, 2012

Lesser Goldfinches

While I try to think of something interesting to write about, I'll post some pics of cute little Lesser Goldfinches.  They were attracted to the thistle feeder and have been around for a couple of weeks.  Just fueling up, I think, for the next leg of their migration.

I picked up this feeder about two years ago on a clearance table for a couple of dollars, and kept thistle seed in it for weeks at a time, until finally pouring it out onto a ground feeder for the quail and doves who could be counted on to clean it up.  I get larger American Goldfinches, but they seem to prefer the sunflower seed I put out for the other finches.  I thought the thistle feeder was a waste of time and nearly threw it out.  So I was tickled when this charming little group showed up a couple of weeks ago.  I hope they remember this nice place where they found such yummy seed when they're passing through again.

UPDATE:  The following day, I spotted the little finches foraging in the Russian Sage.

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