Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blood Moon, October 8, 2014

Full moon, Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon, all the same moon today.  I was up early and enjoyed watching all the phases as it progressed.  The red color was thrilling to see.  I tried taking photos, but had forgotten to find the tripod and my efforts looked more like timelapse with a string of moons captured during the long open lens.  Blurry, too, since I skipped the autofocus for manual and did not have contacts in the eyes to really tell when I had a good focus.  So all in all, it was fun getting up to see the event, and I came away with a shot decent enough that I could crop and "shop" to make a decent illustration here.

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troutbirder said...

Yikes I missed it. My bad. As to your neat poem I can relate to autumn as well in more ways than one....:)