Saturday, March 27, 2010

Phase I Landscaping finished

For some reason this project exhausted me. I wasn't doing any heavy lifting, but I was letting go in some ways that were difficult. Alberto, the landscaper, had some good ideas and I went along with almost everything. I am pleased with his work and his prices were so reasonable. I have already talked with him about coming back to do my sprinkling system and finish cleanup and add bark in the remaining areas. Here are just a few shots of the results.

The reconfigured and narrower steps leading up to the beautiful new upper level.  The apple tree is gone.  The little birds visiting yesterday seemd disoriented by that.  I'll plant some ground cover along the steps and a new bird-friendly tree at the corner of the deck once I have sprinklers there to keep it alive.  That's coming in Phase II.
 This is my favorite section - the round patio (we brought in heavier flagstone for this and used my little blue rocks for the pathway).  Next fall I'll plant some perennials in here, but this summer I think it will be annuals in pots.  I can't wait to sit up here on a summer evening and watch the sunset.
Standing at the top of the new second set of steps looking down on my large swath of xeriscaped area.  Many little things are starting to grow, but we won't really see a garden here until April.  A second view of that area from the other end looking up from my driveway.
They trimmed up the old pfitzer which I'm keeping for sentimental reasons, but got rid of that one plant that always gave me a rash every time I trimmed it, cleaned up under the bushes and the entire west side, reconfigured my funny little cinderblock steps I put in to get me to the backyard from the front.  The next phase I'll have them add the landscape fabric and bark on the west side too.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Lovely. Looking forward to pictures taken in that upper round patio. I had not realized you lived on such a steep lot. Landscaping must be a challenge.

Going to be 51 here on Monday and I expect to see the extent of Lake Coyote on my property. It may change my whole approach to my "lower forty."

Becky Stauffer said...

Thank you, it is steep and rather wild, too. It feels like I've finally tamed it a bit. I don't know why I think I have to do it all myself -- what a difference it makes when you have some significant help like that crew! Even though it's to early to plant, I'm going to start moving some bird feeders, pots and furniture into that new upper area so I can start to enjoy.

I thought Lake Coyote would have started to drain by now, do you think it might be a permanent condition?

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Hey, we still have snow drifts that are 3 feet high. Those have to melt yet. And everything up stream. And they are going to have to blow the dam downstream too. Or back hoe it away.

Till then I think Lake Coyote will only grow. If it sticks around I think I will stock it with trout and build a marina.

Michael said...

Hi Becks.............cant wait to see when you have made your own impression on this blank canvas.....take care.

Becky Stauffer said...

I'm excited to get started - just as soon as all this new snow melts. What fun!

Nicholas V. said...

Wow! It's going to be fantastic!
We have a very flat block and I have been desperately trying to add some variations in level by building up with rocks and earth fill.

You have a challenging but ever so interesting and ultimately beautiful sloping block to begin with. I look forward to updates on progress!