Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and more November Snow 2010

From the blizzard that fizzled a few days earlier, I got a few interesting pics as well as Thanksgiving day.  We're missing Eric, who's in Kansas City, and Jenn and Zach who spent Thanksgiving in Idaho this year.

Here are progressive shots of the storm starting with the approaching front, and ending with blue skies the following day with one interesting shot of lake effect gathering moisture from the warmer lake waters.


 And Thanksgiving.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

You look so happy and proud standing in your new kitchen! And some great storm pictures.

Becky Stauffer said...

What a difference that kitchen has made. Cooking has become fun again.

troutbirder said...

Serious looking storm there but everyone's being warm and cozy.

Becky Stauffer said...

Just like you Minnesotans, TB, once winter sets in and we accept it, we just get on with life. Hope your Thanksgiving was cozy too.