Sunday, February 20, 2011


Cruel February

Oh, cruel February!
You, with your thaws
And your rains,
And small green shoots under the Jupiter's Beard.

You, teasing me with your songbirds
And flocks of swans winging northward
And your blue skies,

And your false hope.

I see you outside my window now
Fierce, unrelenting, and white.
My coffee cup is empty
And soon I must get out my snow shovel

Becky Stauffer
February 20, 2011

UPDATE: As if right on cue, an entire flock of robins arrives today.


Michael said...

I like this poem very much.

Full of the restlessness that we feel when we KNOW Spring is on the way but She remains coy.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Great poem and so captures February here. Yesterday I was watching a stream flow from the melting snow to my creek. I had to wade around puddles of water to get firewood.

Today it is all white out. I suppose the moisture will be good for the flowers and grass

Catfish Tales said...

You captured my feelings exactly. However, I don't have your snows to battle any more, only the Christmas week shutting down all the EU airports. And that was enough for me. Not all that much of a fan of snow these days!

But WHO'S going to shovel your walk now that you've sprained your ankle? Hopefully one of those hardy sons of yours. Do take care, Becky.

Becky Stauffer said...

I did the shoveling of driveway and one walk. A neighbor got the other two walks with his snowblower. It wasn't bad. I wrapped the foot up tightly and wore good high-topped boots. We do what we must.

Bee's Blog said...

Great poem - says it just as it is.

heatherbelle said...

It certainly paints a picture but one very different from February here..
Loved it...

troutbirder said...

The poem pretty much covers it for me as well. The robins you might send on their way to Bluff Country. I'm ready. :)

Becky Stauffer said...

I've heard it's been quite the winter in Minnesota, TB. I'll bet you are ready. Hang in there, the snow has to melt eventually.