Tuesday, October 4, 2011



From my open window
This mild October morning
A breeze
With musky, ripe scent
Swirls through my space and me.

The giant elm across the way
Soughs, bends, straightens
With age-stiffened limbs
Not unlike my own.

Silhouetted against a still-dark sky,
Its leafy fullness
Shows no hint of changes
Soon to come.

Neighbor houses closed up tight
In their man-made coolness
Do not share this pleasure
I enjoy—a treat
For all the senses.

I sit by open window
My house fragrant
With the new season.
I breathe of it deeply
And feel a kinship.
I, too, am autumn.

My day ahead is busy,
Duties tug,
Pulling me away

But the breeze persuades me
To stay a bit longer.
To feel this coolness
And taste a delicious ripeness
And receive the subtle messages
Of change.

Copyright 2011 Becky Stauffer


troutbirder said...

Oh my. Beautiful poem, Becky. It is fall here as well. I sat on my front porch trying to read this afternoon but mostly admiring the red oaks and yellow maples and birches. Then took a walk in the flower garden to spot a gorgeous rose. The last rose of summer as it were. Moments to savor in the long winter ahead. :)

Bekkieann said...

That must be such a lovely view, TB. I do enjoy the change of seasons and am glad to live in a place that has all four (although with an emphasis on winter).

Catfish Tales said...

Mmm, lovely you who lives and breathes in what your silly neighbours shut away. I drifted along with you in your nicely put together piece, feeling very much the same. xoxo