Monday, November 14, 2011

October - Catching Up

This is what you call lazy blogging.  I took one of my favorite get-away trips in October -- Bryce Canyon for just one day, and then a drive up beautiful Highway 12 to Capitol Reef National Park and Torrey, Utah.  I've already posted pictures on Facebook, so to make it easy, I'll link to my albums here.
Bryce Canyon
Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef and more rock art near Torrey

And just days after I returned home, a neighbor couple and I threw a big party at my house for all the neighborhood and other family and friends.  I failed to get pictures of everyone there, but got extas of my family members.  Sigh.  A good time was had by all.
Halloween Party

In addition, finished up nearly all the clearing out in basement and garage and I'm ready to talk to the contractor and get this project going.  It was a very good October.


troutbirder said...

OK. A small rant so don't be offended. Although my spouse is a marginal facebooker I decided to not go down that road some time ago when someone to me they had 500+ friends (was that a competitive challenge?) and another pointed out you could (automatically?) say "You did want to be friends anymore"}. I remember thinking "no I did like my time in junior high school to begin with. Or was that becoming a "tweeter?" It's all so confusing. :)

troutbirder said...

PS - I need to stop commenting before I'm awake in the morning. Umpteen spelling and mechanical errors in the previous post. I saw you eagle video on the other blog. We went down to the Big River yesterday and I counted almost 250. That would locals and a lot of migrants from Canada who come south to winter in our tropical climate for a few months... Seriously.

Bekkieann said...

No offense taken, TB. It really is funny how some people think it means something the more FB "friends" you have. Truth is, I hide at least 2/3 of my FB friends from my news feed and just visit their pages directly when I want to catch up. I do love FB as a way to keep in touch with very special people who are far away.

Perhaps one of the most irritating things of late is local news channels using FB in their broadcasts--asking inane questions and getting back the worst comments, reading them on air, and pretending they are funny/poignant/interesting. Jeez, I have to leave the room.

But FB is such a convenient way of sharing photos. After posting all those pictures to FB, I made the albums available to the public so I could share with even non-FB friends. So I think you can still view the pics if you'd like even though you don't do FB.

That is so thrilling about the eagles! They haven't arrived here yet that I know of. It seems we don't see them in numbers until January or so.