Monday, September 3, 2012

Just moving along

The truth is, we're never really finished.  Fixing up, that is.  As long as we're homeowners, there's always something next for us to do.  Today I'm painting.  But just little jobs--nothing big.

Sometime this week, new blinds will be installed in the upstairs windows.  I had taken down the old ones five years ago when I got new windows and never replaced them.  Light curtains provided sufficient insultation and privacy.  But since I am getting shutters for the downstairs windows, I decided it was finally time to replace the blinds upstairs.

I got double-cell blinds, cordless, with bottom-up/top-down feature in the living room.  This will be nice for just blocking the lower part of the windows and providing enough privacy from the street while allowing for the long distance view of mountains and lake.  I opted against wood or faux-wood blinds as my windows are 72 inches high.  The stack of blinds when open would be about 14 inches, blocking a good portion of the upper window.  While I'm not a huge fan of the cell blinds, they offer a 3 inch stack when open.  I'm all about preserving the view.

Downstairs I opted for shutters just to dress up the windows more.  The family room does have large windows at a garden level, while the bedroom and bath have regular basement windows.  The cost was so reasonable for the size of the windows, I thought it was worth it to add a little more style to the rooms.

The couch and chair were delivered on Friday.  I am sure glad I didn't just go buy a whole bunch of furniture.  It's quite a small family room and is already getting filled up.  My idea was to arrange the major pieces of furniture first and then add end tables, coffee table, lamps, etc.  I won't get too carried away with moving the furniture around yet as the shutters don't get installed for three more weeks. 

Today I'm painting the upstairs window casings, having yesterday spackled the holes where the old blinds had been mounted.  While I'm at it, I'll do a little touch up painting in the bathroom where I caused some water damage.  And I'll touch up a spot on the doorway where the new furniture nicked the new walls. 

In the garage I have more things to sell, including a nice desk and four sets of golf clubs.  With the gold clubs out of the way, I can use the space under the stairs better for storing my vacuum and carpet cleaner.

Well, this update is more for my benefit than anything.  Definite progress has been made.  But I'm about ready to start thinking about the "doors and floors" project upstairs.  More on that another time. Let's get this finished first

Never really finished.

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