Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A watershed day

Every once in awhile you have a day that turns a corner, or opens a new path, or simply finally answers a nagging question.  Today was one such day for me, and I must say it has gone a long way to relieving some personal anxiety I've been suffering.
  • The city inspector finally came (for the third time) and everything passed on my remodel.  Now there are no more strings left.  I finally feel like I can retake possession of half of my house and start living in it again.
  • The much-dreaded water bill arrived after the leak I had discovered.  I'd had nightmares of a bill in the thousands of dollars.  But the bill was, in fact, perfectly normal.  A huge relief.
  • I submitted my resignation at work giving as my final day January 4, 2013.  My boss had asked if I wanted to make it official since they couldn't post my job and begin interviewing until I did so.  I have told them all along I would give them plenty of time for interviewing, hiring and training.  Three months should be enough.
I'm one of those people who dares not take too much joy in a good day lest the gods or Karma, or some such, decide to take me down a notch.  So I'll try to just keep on an even keel, even if I'm smiling a bit more than I have in weeks.

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Hawk's Perspective said...

Now you can have a party! Stop worrying it will be a blast.