Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I'm up to

I'll admit I'm neglecting to post here lately.  I'll be back eventually.  But right now I'm doing all my blogging in a private diary with a focus on taking better care of myself.  I write in that blog every single day, keeping track of how much sleep I get, what I eat, the activities I do, how well I do at drinking more water, and how I feel emotionally.  I'm finding this is also a good opportunity to make short lists of important things I need to get done each day as well.  It's all very mundane, but extremely important to me and no-one else.  I write a short entry in the morning and again just before bed.  

This devotion to a daily diary has been very successful in getting me back on track.  So I will continue with it as long as I see a benefit from it and as long as it takes to get some good habits and a good routine in my life.  

I still have a lot of care taking responsibilities, but I finally feel I'm not putting myself forever on the backburner.  I am giving myself daily attention--no more putting that off for the vague future.  But I'm still getting much done around the house and yard, too.

At some point I will return to blogging here, posting pictures of flowers and birds, but hopefully also some original essays and poetry.  I am spending more time again at the piano and and finding a new desire to return to painting and writing. So in those famous words, I'll be baaaack.


troutbirder said...

Interesting. I tried to keep a diary several times but somehow it always got lost in the shuffle. And I so much miss my piano... have often thought of getting a keyboard but... same story. :(

Bekkieann said...

No telling how long I will stick with this. But since I'm not publishing it publicly, there's not so much pressure. It's strictly for my benefit, and I can stop anytime it stops being beneficial.

Wish you could have a keyboard of some sort, TB.

The Blog of Bee said...

I am sorry to say I stopped keeping a diary after many years. I recently went through some written in the 90s and could not bear to read them. The pain is too raw even now.

I think this exercise is obviously essential for you for whatever reason and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Bekkieann said...

I can understand how you feel about that, Bee. This time my diary is not for getting through a troubled time, but for helping make some strides in looking after myself better. I have lived a life of caring for others, and I have reached a point where it's essential for me to put my own needs first. It's a big challenge, but the diary forces me to take stock every single day.