Saturday, December 31, 2016

Resolutions 2017 - Follow the Plan

Home sweet home. With 17 inches of new snow on Christmas day, I'd rather look at the inside.
This has been a good year for achieving goals.  I have liked the plan I started last year and will simply continue on with it.  My "Kind Self Care" has resulted in better habits and more awareness and attention to my physical, mental, and emotional needs. I hope all my life I can continue this attention to self-care.

I've spent a great deal of time helping my children and caring for grandchildren.  Sometimes it has left me feeling physically exhausted, but always happy. My desire is to be an ongoing help in their lives.

My complex schedule of household and yard task has been very effective.  I don't worry when I sometimes miss a task because it comes around again. But overall, I'm really on top of things around here and in a constant state of improvement.

I look forward to spring and summer.  For the next few months I will try not to hate winter. It is the hardest time of year for me as snow removal becomes more difficult, and walking on ice and snow more dangerous. I cancelled plans for lunch with friends today simply because of the terrible pollution in the air and the icy, unplowed streets and parking lots. But this falls under the category of self-care.

I am typing this blog on my new Pixel tablet with keyboard -- a gift to myself this holiday season.  It's a transition in technology.  I rarely use my desktop PC. My laptop is getting old and slow. My smart phone and Android tablet have been my go-to tools for web surfing, social media, entertainment, etc. Now with the Pixel, I have the best features of the tablet and laptop together.  At some point this year I'll retire the PC and move the laptop into the office to host the printer and for tasks like photo editing. The Pixel is already my favorite connection to the world.

And Netflix. I rarely watch network TV anymore.  The election left me feeling inconsolably depressed, and I have greatly reduced my exposure to the news. Netflix gives me so many options: movies, documentaries, concerts, TV series.

So, I don't expect to shake things up this year. I will just keep following the plan and keep improving things to make life better for myself and those I love.

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