Saturday, April 29, 2017

Backyard Chukars

A beautiful bird, the Chukar.  Not a native bird as I had thought, but an import years ago from the Eurasian continent.  It has established itself well in the scrub lands of the Great Basin in western U.S.  And also, in my backyard this year.  A pair of these birds, a larger sized member of the partridge family seem to have set up housekeeping somewhere nearby, and they like the little nature park that is my yard.  Delightful to have some new guests.  I once saw a single Chukar just across the street maybe 25 years ago.  But this pair is definitely hanging around.  I'm hoping for a little family later on.


troutbirder said...

Hmmmn. I've never seen a Chukar before. They vaguely resemble our partridge or grouse so I wonder if they're a game bird. As to a depressing year between the horrid politics and dreary and unwalkable weather it is hard to be positive these days. On lighter note my caretaker and driving role led us to Mayo's Alzheimers research center for the annual checkup. It was Inauguration Day. As part of a verbal questioning the neurologist asked my spouse who the first President was. She got George W. right away. The he asked for the name of the new President. She shook her head and said "I can't think of his name right now but...... pause I know he's a JERK. "You passed" was the doctor's reply...:)

Bekkieann said...

Haha! Bless her heart! She's knows the important part of it.

Yes, I believe Chukars are game birds, and, in fact, that's why they were imported here. In the U.S. they're only found in the mountain west, but they are quite common here. Definitely a member of the partridge family.

troutbirder said...

Hoping this summer was better for you. I surely is hard to remain optimistic in light of all the disaster from hurricanes to Washington D.C. afflicting our nation
Troutbirder (Ray)

Bekkieann said...

Hi Ray, It's been a long, hot summer here. Our hottest summer on record. The best part of the summer was spending lots of time with the grandkids, as usual. I guess I need to write a new post. It's hard to be upbeat these days with the constant reminder of the stupidity residing in the White House, and the natural disasters everywhere. Sigh, sigh. But I'm fine and I really should do some writing. It would be good for me.

I hope the summer was good for you, too, Ray. I always read your blog and enjoy your travels and observations. I know your life has challenges and I send you all good wishes.