Saturday, February 7, 2009


Any more, I am finding it difficult to keep up all my blogs. Besides this one, I have my own political blog and two others to which I contribute. Then there's my book review and movie review blogs and one more private blog. I can't do justice to them all, and I can't decide to drop any of them. So the posts get a little sparse.

But today I'm going to the movie, The Reader, with my Reel Women film group. A matinee followed by late lunch/early dinner. I have failed to keep up on reviews of all the movies we've seen, but I will try to review this one. I also resolve to review every book I read now as well.

Reel Women are meeting around noon-ish, so I have the morning to get a few things done. Today I plan to make runs to donation drop-off places and decrease the quantity of "stuff" in my house. There seems no end of this, but I keep on working at it. I've found it hard clearing out the room where my granddaugher spent several years, but most of those toys and games are not going to get any more use in my house and need to go. And I want to use that room again. I've actually nearly finished clearing it and have kept some special things to give to her later.

Now the garage, no sentimental feelings for anything there. But it's still hard because there are things of value and things that are simply junk. Lots of sporting equipment that is good - found my golf clubs. A whole lot of old outdated yard and house chemicals that I need to take to a hazardous waste dropoff. Old electronics - ditto. And one large heavy metal desk, as well as a weight bench and nearly a ton of weights. And behind that stuff? Well I still don't know what's back there. Nothing of value, I suspect.

Celia told me I'd been cleaning out my garage as long as she's been back in Utah. I think it's true, mainly because I don't stay with it. I make progress and then stop. It's like I'm deliberately torturing myself.

I only have a few hours this morning, but it will be enough to make another good dent. So that's the plan. Two donation runs, as least one recycling run, and fill up the trash can for Tuesday's pickup.

Then this evening, catch up on book and movie reviews. And maybe a political blog or two.


Kevin said...

Inevitably, once you get rid of it, you'll need to use it. Such is the irony of cleaning out the garage.

bekkieann said...

That always seems to be the case. Nevertheless, out it goes.