Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If it's July, it must be time for a new LOTTD

I do my lists of things to do by month. At the end of the month, I check the list and either transfer any unfinished items to the new list or drop them altogether. July's list will be more about indoors than outdoors. I had to carry the 'wash windows' forward. All the rain in June kept me holding off on that task. But I'll get to those soon now as the windows are pathetic. Outdoors will be down to maintenance now: mowing, weeding, dead-heading the flowers. Too hot now for planting. Indoors, I have three major items: each room in the upstairs will get a true "spring" cleaning including walls, carpets, furniture, drawers and shelves, and freshening up of decor. I'll also get all those large items hauled away from garage and inside that are of no value. And the real biggie, I'll take steps to start remodeling my kitchen.

I'm driven by lists. Writing these things down at the first of the month helps me remember all month long what I want to do, and each day I can pick from the list as I wish.

I didn't take Oprah's advice and put myself on the list, but I am making a conscientious effort to work in some fun every week. This Friday it is an outing with girlfriends, Saturday is a family reunion. Monday, an extra day off to extend the weekend. The following Monday, we have tickets to see Joan Baez. And then, oh no, the month is halfway over! Soon to be followed by Pioneer Days on the 24th--another holiday.

Whew! No wonder I feel like time flies.

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