Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's all in the details

I had to fill out an information form from the county recorder who is apparently doing a reassessment of property values in Davis County (how is that even possible while real estate values are in such a state of flux?).

The form included current information and asked me to correct and update anything that had changed. I was intrigued to read that my lot size is .29999999999999999 acres. That's right. Not .3, but exactly .29999999999999999. Seventeen decimal places, sixteen nines. Such precision!

It made me wonder, could I acquire a bit of land from my neighbor so I might have that nice round number of .3? And if so, how would you measure that miniscule piece and what would it cost? Would it be so small as to be populated with only Who folks such as found by Horton the Elephant?

What number is the 17th decimal anyway? I think 12 decimals would be quadrillionths. A tiny piece of land, smaller than a quadrillionth of an acre!

I won't attempt the calculation. I'll wait until my daughter, the math whiz, gets home from vacation.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Sounds like a computer glitch to me. Just because you can doesn't mean you should carry such things to the extreme. And if you acquire the "Who land" will your property value triple? You have to watch county administrations on that issue.

I would look up the law in your area. It could be the .0000000000001 acre prevents you from putting in your own well or septic system.

Anonymous said...

Who is Horton the elephant? I reckon that the amount of land you will need to buy would fit comfortably in a matchbox. You could keep it on your mantlepiece and show it to visitors.