Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just because

I'm posting today just to have something between my poetry Wednesday posts.  Nothing to say really.  I'm deep in thought about people in my life.  Some discordant thoughts, unfortunately.  When this happens, I think to myself, "Maybe I should move to Maine."  Yes, that should be far enough removed that I won't have to deal with the discordance here.  But there's probably some in Maine, too, isn't there?  Maybe I'll become a hermit.


Bee's Blog said...

Maybe it's the weather!

Know how you feel but will Maine be any different once you've settled in???? Or will anywhere be any different once you've settled in??

De clutter, de clutter, de clutter.

Don't let the buggers get you down!

bekkieann said...

Good advice. I know little about Maine except that it's far from here. No, I'm pretty tough after all these years. This shall pass.