Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kitchen - no progress

I got the first design layout from the cabinet company and had to send it back to be redone.  They used the wrong dimensions.  Actually added three feet to the length of my kitchen.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could!  But not only does that cut into my dining room space, it moves cabinets too close to the French doors and I don't want the doors hitting the counter.  Nope, back to the drawing board.  I'm going to call another cabinet shop today and get another design.  I'm just starting to realize all the things to consider with the layout.  Ah, this learning process.  I have to do it, though I lack enthusiasm. 


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I used to tell people when I worked with my ex-husband's electrical contracting firm that the first thing you did on any remodel was hire a shrink. It is too true to be funny. Married couples should get a marriage counselor.

There is what contractors call pissing on the corners. Do not let them do that. They want to come in a demo so you are locked in to doing the project, doing it now, and doing it with them.

Pay no money to the contractor up front. They would like 50% but you won't see them again. Or if you do it will be months. Goes for friends to. Pay for your cabinets yourself to avoid 15% being tacked on by the contractor.

And take up Zen meditation.

bekkieann said...

Yes, I can see the need for a shrink already. I do have a contractor I've worked with before and really trust. Unlike most, he did many extras at no charge or just the cost of the materials when he did my exterior remodel. He came out twice and brought his heating/AC guy to look at my furnace that quit in the middle of winter, no charge from either of them! I've recommended lots of work to the heating/ac guy as a result. One day I came home from work in a big snowstorm and my contractor had shoveled the snow so I could get in my garage. He earned my trust with the quality, his adherence to his quote, and all the extra little things he did at no charge.

Michael said...

Well you seem to be making progress to me Becks, even if its only the reassurance that you have picked the right team.
Just a thought; what did we go back to before the drawing board was invented?
Im sure all will be well.

bekkieann said...

Let's see, Mick, back to the start, back to the future, back to where we once belonged, back to bed? I like the last option.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Back to the cave wall? Or a wave swept portion of the sandy beach?