Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update on stereo boy

You all know whom I'm talking about by now - the guy in the house behind mine who plays his stereo so loud, I can feel it inside my house.  Yes, it's Sunday morning, but it makes no difference to him.

I was out around 10-ish this a.m. poisoning gophers (another story for another day), he was working in his front yard with the front door and living room windows all wide open and blasting his very fine stereo.  I should explain, he is slightly uphill from me and a street runs between our houses, and the front of his house faces my backyard squarely, so I probably get more benefit of his stereo than any of his other neighbors.  Today's selection had kind of a folksy flavor at first -- sort of an Irish or Chieftans sort of sound - at first.  I didn't mind so much and decided to just enjoy it, though unfamiliar to me.  Then it changed and became a blaring rap sort of thing with the Irish background continuing on and foul language in the "lyrics".  It was awful and I wondered what his church-going neighbors with small children thought of it.  I looked up at his house and at him just as he stopped working and looked at me.  Eye contact.  And then, a North Salt Lake cop drove slowly up the street between us.  Stereo boy looked at the cop and then back at me.  What just happened?  Did he think I called the cops?  He probably did.  He didn't look friendly.  He didn't wave.  Neither did I - the moment had passed.  I gathered up my gopher poisoning tools and moved to the front yard out of his sight.  I noticed the "music" got turned down.

I have no idea whether the cop stopped and talked to him or not - I was out of there too fast.  But maybe just that shared look and the coincidence of the cop driving by was enough to make him do the right thing and turn it down.

Honestly, hasn't this guy heard of I-Pod?


Bill S. said...

Interesting - we have a way of polluting others space with music, smoke filled air, people down wind or up wind from us. We must look within ourselves to see if we are polluting others space or time. You were probably not the only one whose space was polluted by this selfish man. Good Luck.

Becky Stauffer said...

A couple of hours later, the stereo was back at full volume. It occurs to me that the fact that he turned it down when the cop went by and then back up awhile later, indicates he knows very well he is exceeding limits and not only doesn't care, feels entitled. He's clearly not a very nice person.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

May I suggest another use for the gopher poison?

We have noise ordinances here in our mountain communities. And the cops can be called. But they generally do not pay much attention until the 3rd or 4th time they have to warn someone.

I do understand the tickets can be pricey.

troutbirder said...

Yuk. I'd be very very angry.