Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Je ne veux pas travailler

I don't want to work.

Is it terrible to be 62 and a half and want to retire from daily work? I'm tired after a freak and fierce thunderstorm blew through here overnight. So I'm logged in to start work, but I keep staring out the window and thinking today would be a good day to start my retirement.

Some days I think I couldn't fill up the day after working for so many years. But today I have a schedule in mind:

Start early with coffee and watch the sky get light.
Take my bike to the Legacy bike path and ride for two hours.
Have breakfast at home.
Putter around the house and yard cleaning, doing home improvement or art projects.
Have a light lunch around 2-ish.
Siesta for an hour.
Read, play piano,.
Shop for dinner.
Have people over, cook, eat, drink, and sit on the patio and watch the sun go down.
Play CDs or the piano until too tired to stay awake any longer.
Go to bed, sleep soundly, and then do it all again tomorrow with slight variations.

I think I could handle retirement.

(Sorry the video can't be embedded, but go to YouTube to watch - it's cute).


troutbirder said...

Sounds pretty much like my day. I do work pretty hard at NOT trying to prove, like many retirees, how busy I am. I do what I feel like, when I feel like it. It's great. :)

Becky Stauffer said...

Yes, I think I'd not feel at all guilty about a day like that. We worked hard enough for enough years. Time to slow down and look around at what we've worked so hard to get to.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I deal wonderfully with retirement. Since it was forced by a disability some years ago I thought I might not deal that well once I was better. But now I wonder where I ever put "going to work" in my schedule.

Yes,I do work in the studio, but that is like getting paid for play. I am always rather surprised that I earn money this way. And I do sometimes blow it totally off like yesterday when the 'shrooming season began.

For many people retirement is just finding something they would rather do be it gainful or not.

Bee's Blog said...

Last year I told my ex boss that I thought it was time for me to retire. Not that I can as I'm the main breadwinner in the household.

His response: "You? You'd go mad! What would you do with yourself?"

There are a million things I want to do before the brain goes and before the hips need replacing! Yes it's true: people do look twice when they find out that I've had my 63rd birthday and i still move at the pace i do. But every now and again - like now - I'm tired. tired of deadlines, tired of power play, tired of bullshit.

Time to recharge the batteries!

Becky Stauffer said...

Absolutely, Bee! I can't help sometimes wondering if I'm spending all this time working when I could be playing with my friends, and later on regretting that I didn't just do it.