Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clark's Grebes Courting

I finally got out birding again yesterday.  During the remodel for the past several months, my house was in chaos and it was hard to find anything--including my camera.  It was nice to have it in my hands again.  I took little Frankie along to visit Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge for the first time in months.  The migrants are returning or passing through.  It was a wonderful birdy day.  One of the treats of the day was observing early courting behavior of two Clark's Grebes.  It's early yet and just a handful of these grebes have arrived at Bear River.  Soon, this will be a common sight.


troutbirder said...

Good to see you back out and about again! I've never seen these grebe in real life but think they might be the ones which race across the water in tandem with their necks crooked? If so that must be an awesome sight....:) Here we're still waiting the end of winter but adopted a friends dog who passed on from pancreatic cancer.

Bekkieann said...

Hi TB, oh yes, it was the first long trip of the season and it was exhilarating. I'm so sorry about your friend. I've been reading in your blog about your lovely new dog. She sounds like such a good girl and good company for you. Hope you are well and things are coming along better for Mrs. T as well. Good to hear from you.