Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I have my name back and a new license

I spent a couple of hours today and jumped through all the officialdom hoops needed to get a birth certificate with my correct name and nothing crossed out.  Cost was $20 at the Department of Vital Statistics.  They were remarkably helpful and efficient.  That was the easy part.

Back at the DMV, I was treated to having a new picture taken, which was equally as bad as that last one.  And was required to fill out a new application for a license. Jeez, the one I filled out three weeks ago wouldn't do?  They wanted to charge me $18 for the change, but I protested.  After all, they accepted an unacceptable birth certificate which necessitated the change.  The supervisor was consulted and they reluctantly agreed to waive the fee because they should never have issued a license until I provided a corrected birth certificate.  They then went through the application with a fine tooth comb looking to see every "t" was crossed and every "i" dotted.  Even gave me another vision test.  Now really, was that all necessary?  Yes, because we are the DMV and we have the power.

Ah well, it's all done, and I have a temporary license with the new one to be mailed in a few weeks.  Crisis resolved.  My good humor is intact.


The Blog of Bee said...

Good for you.

On the last couple of occasions that I renewed my driving lesson, things had changed drastically - for the better. After sitting in an air conditioned waiting room my photo was taken with a point and shoot which stood on a tripod on the officer's desk. I was then asked to approve the photo and told that if I didn't like it, it could be done again!! When I signed I was shown my signature on the computer screen and again told that if I didn't like the look if it, I could do it again!! In and out in less than 20 minutes. A far cry from times gone by when one took a number, fought their way through 300 people in unbelievable heat, be screamed at by the cashier and have a totally wasted day. Things have definitely changed at our Driving Licence Centres. Pity that cannot be said for the rest of government services!!

Bekkieann said...

Wow, now that's the kind of government service I'd like to see!