Friday, January 30, 2015

Whew, got through January!

Well, yes, there's another day left.  But it's as good as done.  I don't do January well these days (years).  I blame mostly the horrible polluted inversion air we have every January.  It really drags my mood down and some days I don't function very well. 

I made the usual New Year's resolutions this year but did not post them here.  I am spending more time posting to my private journal and that's where I track the resolutions and progress.  Well, January was almost a bust with that regard.  But in the last week, I seem to have snapped out of it.  I saw progress on every item.  Naturally, one of my resolutions is to work on specific house and yard projects every month.  I wasted most of the month, but am making up for lost time now. I could possibly have my January project finished next week.

I don't feel bad about that.  I realized this month that I need to give myself a break sometimes.  Setting goals and then failing right away was making me feel guilty and unhappy with myself.  But then I looked around at everything I've accomplished in recent years.  Sometimes progress happens in spurts, and sometimes I just have to be lazy.  Even my idea of lazy is not really--I'm so busy with commitments to help other people.  My goals are arbitrary.  But they sure aren't worth sacrificing my feelings of happiness, contentment, and self-worth.  I will cut myself some slack.  I'm not wonder woman, but I am good at getting stuff done -- eventually.  And I will.

So far, so good with 2015.  Bring on February.

P.S.  I've actually been able to get out birding several times this month.  But my favorite bird of the month was a visitor to my suet feeders.  A little Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  I've never seen one before, let alone in my own yard.  It's a blurry picture taken from inside the house as the guy was quick and elusive.


troutbirder said...

How neat to see a kinglet this time of year! Am heading back to the tundra on Friday after a month on the
Gulf in the Sunshine State. Then catch up on blogging...:)

Bill S. said...

I love those little birds - kinglets are always interesting to watch and study. Years ago in an unhappy time in my life, an old man asked me it I wanted to be happy. I said "yes" and then he replied, "Then act like it." It has made a large impact in my life. Have a great day.

Bekkieann said...

I have to agree with that advice.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Yay for progress and for granting ourselves a break when we don't think we've accomplished all we should have. At least we are working on it.

I can appreciate your mention of the temperature inversion. I lived in Salt Lake in the 80's and became so depressed in the fog. Would drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon on the weekends just to get above cloud. That cloud, too, did finally leave. Enjoyed my visit here.

Bekkieann said...

Hello, MR. Thanks for visiting.