Monday, April 27, 2015


Paris, France 1983

Sometimes I do a blog post just because I want to have a note of something I've done or changed.  This is one such post.  I finally reframed two little pictures I purchased in Paris about 30 years ago.  These were mementos of a special trip we took including our four kids and my mom.  What an adventure!  With no reservations anywhere.  Just our EurRail passes and Europe on $20 a day book.  We had a vague idea of an itinerary, but nothing set in stone.  We started in Munich, Germany where the family met up with me as I was already there at a trade show for the company I worked for.  Over the next two weeks, we went on to Switzerland and France, and ended up in England.  Such great memories.

We purchased these paintings from a street artist outside the Jeu de Paume museum.  We also bought a number of prints at the museums we visited.  Upon returning home, we framed a lot of those at some expense.  But I was never happy with how we framed the whimsical original oils.  The frames I selected ended up making the paintings look dark and sunken.
I have wanted to reframe them for a long time, but just never did it. Until now. With my projects to spiff up various rooms this past winter, I decided it was time to do that reframing. I selected something more simple that brought out the color and whimsy so much better.  I am so happy with how they turned out and I wanted to have this post to look back at this small but wonderful change.  The paintings are hanging in my TV room that has a style of fun and whimsy. Perfect.  And a reminder of some very good times in our lives.


troutbirder said...

Perfect! You definitely have a good eye. I too have fond memories of Paris now tempered by loss. Loss of the two dear friends who went with us & now memory slipping away from my spouse.

Bekkieann said...

Aw, TB, I'm so very sorry for your wife and for you. Life can be so hard.