Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Spring Blooms

I worry about the drought this year, and I may not be planting much in the yard after all.  But the established plants are all coming on, if early, and doing a great job beautifying the world.  I am spending time getting the flower beds ready, but I might just fill around existing perennials with bark mulch this year, for the most part.  Still, feeling so excited by the new growth and blooms.

Here are a few more blooms in the yard this week.
 The crab apple has such vivid blooms.
 The forsythia is blooming longer than expected,but finally dropping flowers.  In the background the lilacs and crab apple.  The pear trees have finished blooming and are putting on leaves. Recent tree plantings are doing the job of providing more privacy from the street without a fence.
 The lilac hasn't bloomed well in years, but this year it is blooming its heart out.  I don't know why the blooms are so pale--almost white.  I'll have to google that.  But I'm so pleased to have these fragrant flowers again.
Crabapple.  Young, but already so pretty and a great addition to the yard.


troutbirder said...

The ugly drought widens its grip. I wish you and all your beautiful plants well Beckiann. Be well....:)

Bekkieann said...

Thanks, TB. We'll adjust. I'm glad my plantings are nearly all drought-tolerant. They will be asked to prove their stuff this year. All the best to you and your plants, too. What a beautiful place you have!