Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Kitchen - At Last!

For about two years I have had an item that I just carry forward month to month on my To Do list: Call Scott. But never felt ready because of something else I needed to finish first. Scott is the contractor who did my exterior remodel and I did a web site for him. I have seen much of his work and it is wonderful quality, and his quotes are always competitive.

Finally, I called this month, and we met on Thursday and planned out the process of remodeling the kitchen. I'm gutting the entire thing. Friday after work I visited the first of several cabinet shops to get a design and a bid. That will take about a week. I'm not going to do too many of these, but will take advantage of the recent experience of a co-worker as well as Scott's expertise. This will be the first of many decisions.

The hard part for me will be colors. Matching the cabinets, countertops, floors, backsplash, paint, and then deciding if I change the living room colors at the same time since it all flows together. Part of my goal in this remodel is to get the house ready to sell in about four years when I retire. So nothing with strong personality but more general appeal. Still it has to be pretty.

Another big decision is whether to take up all the carpet in the living areas that are adjoined. It's a huge area. Wood floors will help sell the house, of course, but I like my carpet. However, the color is so out of date -- teal! And it's in excellent condition though it's been in --how long?-- maybe 15 years or so. But teal.

The kitchen is going to consume me for the next couple of months I know. The speed at which we get things underway is up to me. I have to do the legwork, the shopping, make the decisions. So I am not dragging my feet.

And still I'm working on the paper-sorting and CD cataloging from my husband's belongings. And there's the fall To Do list with lots of planting and clean up outside. As if I needed to give myself more things to do. But isn't it interesting how somewhere in the recesses of my mind, this project has been waiting for just the right time, and suddenly the time is now?


Michael said...

Now I feel totally inadequate and out of touch Becks...I just bought a teal bath mat for the guest bathroom...grinning. Here's me thinking how suave and savvy Id I know why it was marked down THREE times.....sheesh.
Good luck with the project and leave the carpet, it's really quite trendy and groovy. Some lead and others follow...tears in my eyes here B and tongue firmly in my cheek.
Enjoy the choosing....that's the best part.

bekkieann said...

Haha, I'll bet that teal bath mat is just what I'd like, too! Well after all, we can call it out of date, or we can call it retro. Maybe you're right, keep the carpet in the living room and hall anyway, do the wood floors in the kitchen and dining only. Then I won't have to worry about moving my big piano as well.

Thanks for the moral support! :)

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

If you are going to do it do it all. And if the carpet is in good shape you can have it cut into area rugs and edged. The look of a large expanse of the same flooring really enlarges a space.

The dust that collects under carpets is frightening. No amount of professional cleaning gets it all. Area rugs also can be changed out when your color choices change.

We expect progress blogs. And even postings of color choices. We can help!

bekkieann said...

Removing the teal carpet would certainly assist with the color options. And my son has said he would love to take that carpet and put it into his townhome where everything is plain vanilla. He likes the bright teal. You are so right about the big expanse all the same. And I do like area rugs--an easy way to change the look of the room. Moving my grand piano worries me, but I will simply go to a little extra expense and hire some professional movers to move it while the floor is being layed. I can't take chances with that.

I will definitely post before and after and progress pics, and will greatly appreciate input on the colors. Stay tuned.

Bill S. said...

I have no advice on the remodel job, but I love the fish wind chime.

bekkieann said...

Thank you, Bill. I adore the fish as well. As for advice, I opened myself up on and offline and now have plenty and some to spare. Thanks for visiting. I'm hopping over to take a peek at your blog.

heatherbelle said...

Changing a room, remodelling is definitely one of my favourite pass-times...well it used to be..
...and I love teal.
How exciting...