Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spiders! Eek!

Actually, I'm not that afraid of spiders anymore. I've learned to deal with them. But they do suddenly seem abundant around the house and yard. Cleaning the outside windows last week, I also washed down the siding and numerous cobwebs and spider nests. I checked my sticky spider traps in the garage and basement and I've caught quite a few, so I replaced those with new and bought some spray. I have a rule: Any spider that enters my house must die. I'm sorry, I know it's not environmentally friendly, but it's my long-standing rule and I stick to it. I know I could hire one of those companies that will spray the entire yard, but I can't help wondering what chemically-killed spiders do to the birds that eat them. I will spray around the foundation of the house, all around the garage and basement floors, doors, windows, and even around all the baseboards upstairs, though I don't seem to get them as much upstairs.

We only have two poisonous spiders in Utah: the Black Widow and the Hobo spider. I won't post pictures here as they are too creepy. We do not have the Brown Recluse as many people mistakenly believe. However, the other two are bad enough and I have seen both in my yard, so I know they are here. Clearing out those huge pfitzer bushes has helped as I know that was a haven for the black widows.

There will be stories on the news in the coming weeks about how people think they are seeing more spiders than usual. They are such idiots on the news. It's the same every year. And this short cool spell will inspire the little devils (the spiders not the newscasters) to come indoors. But isn't that the way with the news--to be eternally surprised with the things that happen every single year?

Well, enough blogging for today. It's opera day with Brittany. The weather is rainy, so I have excused myself from any yardwork and no watering will be needed either. I've gotten much done this week in the way of weed removal and other various things around the yard. The cool days will re-invigorate the grass and perennials. This morning I'm just relaxing and enjoying the cool house, the rare humid air, and anticipating a day with my granddaughter.

There is one word for today. Contentment.

I'm not all that worried about the spiders, really.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

The bad news about spiders is that in my opinion they begin moving into the house before the first frosts of fall. Which means winter is not that far away.

Yeah, I know in Texas and Arizona they are still melting from the heat but you have spiders moving in! Prepare!

bekkieann said...

I was having those same thoughts. It seems early for them to be nesting and trying to come indoors.

On the bright side or the scary side, whichever way you choose to see it, I have caught a Hobo spider in one of the sticky traps in the garage. They really are ugly things. It was near the overhead door, so I'm hoping it came in from outdoors and wasn't actually living in the garage -- too close for comfort.

heatherbelle said...

No spider survives if it enters my home but like you I worry about the other wildlife if one sprays the outside of the house.
Unfortunately the spray wins as I have a terrible fear of spiders.
We have several poisonous ones here.
The red back is probably the most common and has been known to shut down a hospital ward, for once they take hold it's hard to get rid of them.
Just talking about them gives me the creeps.
I'll be looking in all the corners now...thank you very much.

bekkieann said...

Yes, the spray has to win because of the poisonous spiders. I will keep very close to the house though as the birds don't usually come that close. It is a creepy topic.

Michael said...

Hope you enjoyed the concert Becks and the spiders leave you alone.

bekkieann said...

Thanks, Mick, the concern could not have been nicer. It was a memorable day for Brittany and me.

The spiders appear to be leaving me alone. The spray is doing its job I think.

bekkieann said...

Make that concert. It's funny how one letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence. :)

Michael said...

Laughing Becks......I had concerns about your concert..sp glad you both enjoyed it.

bekkieann said...

Despite steeling myself in advance, I'll admit to many quiet tears during the Easter Hymn. Just too many memories and associations, and just a beautiful touching piece of music not to be so moved. I'm afraid that one will always be hard for me to take.

Luckily some jackass behind me decided to talk out lout during the intermezzo and that saved me from further tears. The rest of the opera was just wonderful and I was just fine too.

Anonymous said...

I hate spiders. And I hate cockroaches too. When I moved into my flat it was infested with them and, greenie as I fancy myself to be, I am afraid I let off a cockroach bomb to get rid of them. I have only found one spider in my flat so far and he was just tiny.

bekkieann said...

Good for you Meredith. I have used those in the past in my basement. But usually I just spray. But those bombs are effective.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Bomb, bomb, bomb away. I did that in Tennessee which because of phosphates seems to have more and larger insects than any state I have lived in thus far.

I have ended up extremely chemically sensitive and especially to any insect bomb laced with petrocarbons. Why I live at almost 9000 feet. No insects in big enough numbers to worry me here. And no farmers aerial spraying.