Monday, August 24, 2009

A little progress

It takes me awhile to take care of tough projects, and right now that is dealing with all these personal belonging of my husband's. Yesterday I finished up laundering all the clothing. There was something satisfying in doing that. Symbolically, I guess, doing one last thing for him. So I have these neatly folded stacks of things on my couch this morning, and today I'll give them away.

I brought the shredder upstairs to the TV room and brought the first box of papers inside. There are four boxes. Plus there are more papers that were left here when he moved out. This will take days to get through, but I will start.

I have to start work in an hour and my day will be filled with that until 4. I'm glad I don't have to drive today, just walk downstairs to my office. I have taken a challenge with internet friend Jacqui to excercise and meditate a few minutes every day. I'm planning to walk in the afternoon or evening, and meditate at bedtime.

Yes, there are still projects in the yard, too, mostly weeding now. I did two hours of that yesterday and it was hard on my body. This is a case of what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I fell behind in my yard maintenance this summer and that's discouraging, but I think I may hire some help.

And my contractor is supposed to be back from vacation this week and should call me about starting on the kitchen. I'm more than ready to start that. I want it to be done before Thanksgiving.

Obviously, this morning my mind is on being productive and knocking things off the to do list. Just one week left in August.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

I was enjoying reading your blog till I got to that one more week in August part. I am in denial about summer being almost over.

Oh, in NC I used the shredded computer printouts from work to mulch my garden over the winter. It worked wonderfully. So since you have four boxes you might want to consider putting them to use. Wet them down after spreading. And in the spring just rake up and burn. In NC it even put quit to slugs.

bekkieann said...

Burn as in light on fire? That is allowed in rural areas around here, but in the city no open burning is allowed. I would like to think of a way to recycle the shredded paper. If I could burn it, I could as least add the ashes to my lasagna experiments. There's such a variety of different types of papers in it, copier paper, glossy colored paper, heavy stock, booklets, etc., I'm wondering if I can come up with something practical without causing myself a lot more work.

I sure like the slug control idea. Those little devils have been after my new hostas all summer.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Beer. Go out and get those disposable pie tins and put beer in each. The slugs love beer and get drunk and drown. Course every morning you have to dump out the slugs.

bekkieann said...

I have heard of that solution and it does seem rather nice to give them a little night of partying before doing them in. Haven't tried it, but the idea appeals to me.

This year I bought some environmentally friendly snail bait that has worked well. It's supposed to be not harmful to birds or other wildlife. It is effective, as I see snail bodies around my hostas the next morning. I don't bother to dispose of them as the shells look rather nice among the bark mulch.

Bee's Blog said...

You've made a start and the washing is definitely symbolic - not just of doing one last thing for your husband but perhaps refreshing yourself in the process?

I am very impressed that you have taken on Jacqui's challenge as have others. I am behind so will have to buck up. i did actually think about it this morning but that's as far as I got! Normally when I get the feeling that I should be exercising, it is a well known fact in my circle, that I take two Panadol and lie down until the feeling goes away!! Seriously I am going to make the effort although you may have seen my reaction to the suggestion on FB!!

Thanksgiving?? We are nearly there?? we have two Public Holidays, Divali and Eid to get through before then and then it's Christmas! Oh Gawd!

bekkieann said...

Where can I get some of this Panadol? I need to curb my ambitions.

I'm going for my walk early today. last night I scared myself walking after dark, and when I walked past the empty weedy lots, it creeped me out when the weeds would brush my bare legs. I was thinking skunks! snakes! raccoons!

Don't worry, we are only close to Thanksgiving in kitchen-remodeling time. Still got a few months otherwise. I don't know Divali and Eid. I'll have to look them up.

Bee's Blog said...

Panadol is the brand name for paracetamol but any pain killer will do!

I think I could cope with the animals of the fields but murderers/kidnappers are another matter and that is why we don't walk after a certain time and even in daylight, never alone.

Divali - Hindu Festival of Lights and Eid el Fatur is the end of Ramadan. In Middle Eastesrn countries it is a three day celebration but in non Muslim countries, just one day.