Friday, October 2, 2009


Just for me.

"Dream" by the Pied Pipers
That five-part harmony so distinctive to the 1950's.

Things never are as bad as they seem.


Bee's Blog said...

I can't play it here for some reason. But i know the song and like it.

you are right about things not being as bad as they seem although sometimes, i have to wonder..........

My Austrian mother always used to say (and I'm sure I've posted this a thousand times!!) 'nothing is ever eaten as hot as its cooked'.

bekkieann said...

Those old sayings our moms and grandmas said have such a ring of truth. I hope all is well with you are yours, Bee. I know life has not given you an easy course recently.

Michael said...

Wonderful song Becks. Reminds me of being a young boy, tuning into far off US radio stations with my uncle on his huge Grundig radio back in the 50's.
My love of the radio has stayed with me.

bekkieann said...

Those quiet old songs can be soothing. I even love the old 30's and 40's tunes.

Five-part harmony is so unique to just that one period of time that I know of. I learned to sing it later on and it is quite fun to sing those notes that border on dissonance and bump right up against your neighbor's note. A neighbor lady of mine sang in the "Our Gang" (remember Spanky and Alfalfa and the Little Rascals) movies when she was a little girl, and she taught me the harmonies.