Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reel Women at my house

The Reel Women is my foreign film group.  We have had a long lapse over the summer what with vacations, illnesses, and so on, but we are finally getting back in our monthly groove.  Most of the time we go out to a restaurant and to a movie theater.  But once in awhile we go to a member's home as is the case this month.  Since I bought a big new television, I felt like the viewing experience would be good, so I ventured an invitation to my friends.  It's not a big thing since there are only five in our group and this month one cannot attend.

I made a big batch of homemade vegetable beef soup yesterday and will heat it up today and add the vegetables that always disintegrate - potatoes and carrots - just an hour before serving.  I was planning on serving in bread bowls, but the soup came out so tasty, I am opting for regular soup bowls with bread on the side.  Have to run to the bakery this morning.  Simple salads complete the luncheon with sorbet for dessert followed by our movie.

I previewed three foreign films this week in order to choose one the group would surely enjoy.  Netflicks makes that easy to do.  Norwegian film: snoozer.  Hungarian film: humorous and thoughtful.  Canadian film: humorous but a little too light.  I'll go with the Hungarian film, I believe it was called Autumn and Spring.  I will try to review all three films at my Reel Women blog, though I make no promises.

This will be the last party I have before the kitchen remodel.  I'm going to start packing up things I don't need every day and moving them downstairs.  I dread the day they tear everything out.  But things have to get bad before they get better.  I'll do some before and after shots.  It's going to be a major change.

Off to start my day now.  Just a few things still to prepare.  The girls arrive around 12:30.

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