Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sorry friends, I'm getting caught up in all the busy-ness and business of getting my kitchen remodeled.  I'm running around meeting with workmen, looking at samples.  Trying to make decisions.  It's more painful and time-consuming than I'd like.  The hardest part -- and I knew this in advance -- is getting educated about everything you are spending money on in order to make a smart decision.  You've all been there.  When you buy a car, a TV, a couch, you end up needing to ask lots of questions and make lots of comparisons so you don't make a mistake and have regrets later.  It's time-consuming.  I just don't want to have to know that much about some things.  So I will learn it now and then promptly forget it.

I'm trying to keep up on all your blogs via Google Reader, but I'm not commenting as much as usual and I apologize I don't have the time to join in all the discussions as much as I would like.  This may last awhile.  I may not be back in stride until the new year.  Ah well.

I'll try and get the before photos up soon.  They start building the cabinets in the shop this week.  Demolition starts in about 2 or 3 weeks -- I'll know more on Monday.


troutbirder said...

Good luck. These projects have their own momentum and for the "can't rest till its done and done right" people... hey go for it!

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

One of the happy accidents of doing my studio is that I blogged about the entire process complete with progress photos. Those are now a very valuable "exhibit" in the lawsuit.

My intention at the time had been to be able to do a series of articles for possible publication. (I used to be an active freelance writer.)

And I wanted a lasting journal of a very important aspect of my life. I did not see myself ever doing that again. And it was the realization of a ten year dream.

Now those blogs and photos are also forensic evidence. And I know exactly where all the electrical lines are and studs, etc should I ever need to cut into the walls.

I recommend as a minimum a photographic journal of progress.

Becky Stauffer said...

TB, I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Either that or I'm terrified of making a terrible mistake. I visualize selling the house years down the road, and potential buyers walking through saying, "What were they thinking?!"

Jacqui, even if not for forensic evidence, I do like to record where I've been and where I ended up. The part I hate the most is demolition. I'm getting braced for it.