Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things are cookin'

And by that I mean the Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm so glad I gave all the kids assignments this year.  I usually do the whole things myself.  But with each of them bringing something, there's that much less I need to prepare.  And this year, instead of a full bird, I decided on just a turkey breast which needs just two hours to roast.   I'm including some wonderful salmon too as we have vegetarians among us, and when I have served salmon and turkey in the past, the carnivores seemed to want salmon as well.  So plenty for all, but not so much as to have lots of leftovers.  This is not a year for leftovers.

I feel relaxed.  We are eating early - 1 p.m. or so - because some of the kids have to work tomorrow and they don't want to just eat and run.  This will give plenty of time for socializing too.

The weather is looking iffy for my trip.  A big storm is headed here from the northwest.  It is splitting and half heading north and half heading south.  It's the southern part that worries me as they are now predicting snow flurries at Bryce Canyon.  There's no way of knowing just how severe those flurries might be, but I've driven in that part of the state in severe snow, and it is treacherous.  I'm keeping my options open.  Since the Wasatch Front is predicted to be missed by both parts of the storm, I may just head west.  Although Wendover is not my idea of a destination.  I may just postpone for better weather and just start getting ready for the demo next week.

Back to cooking.  Happy turkey day everyone.


Nicholas V. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Becky. I hope that everyone enjoyed the day!

Becky Stauffer said...

Thank you, Nicholas. Dinner was great, and we all did have a wonderful time.