Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sheet rock is up

The inspection went well.  There are a few things related to venting the water heater and fresh air supply to the furnace which will both be fixed tomorrow with minimal cost.  Everything else is great and work has stepped up.  Two new windows are in.  That means every window in the house has now been replaced with energy saving windows.  The big hole in the floor has new cement.  Dry wall went up today and the rooms have all taken shape.  The bathroom does look tiny, but everything really looks good.  I had a strange feeling looking at it -- like it's not really my house, or like I'm making some mistakes with all these changes.   I know it will be okay.  It's just that "somebody moved my cheese" feeling.  My house will be better and beautiful.

Now the pressure is on me to finally decide on paint colors, carpet, bathroom fixtures, fireplace rock and mantel.  I've been working on it and it will all come together this weekend.  Then finishing starts next week with paint and doors.  (yay!) 

I have construction fatigue, but the very visible changes today have raised my hopes and some energy is returning.


troutbirder said...

Be serene. Calm is good even in the face of chaos. When said and done you'll love it.... :)

Bekkieann said...

Good reminder, TB. This is all good stuff, even the chaos. Today the house is quiet. I'll be busy but I'm going to take your advice and give my mind and body some calming therapy.