Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feature Creep

In the software development world it's called "feature creep," the tendency to keep adding things the end user thinks they'd like on top of the original specification.  It adds cost.  It adds time.  And at some point you have to ask the question: Is this essential or would it just be nice?

I'm finding this is also the case in a big remodel like this.  Only the questions also sometimes relate to meeting building codes and if a change makes the house more sellable.  In fact, anything that I would eventually have to do to sell the house is getting done now so I can enjoy the benefit of that upgrade.  But there are esthetics to consider as well.

We'll be going over the budget today and looking at the items that have added unexpected cost as well as the items I am considering upgrading from the original plan.  The meeting will help me decide whether we do a pretty marble and glass shower or we install a pre-fab fiberglass one.  I already opted for new garage doors so we could close up the gaps in the garage ceiling.  And against the red color in the washer and dryer - silly to pay extra for red unless you're going to really really enjoy it.  I can't really say I will.  However, the shower does make a difference to me.  I will weigh the cost difference and decide.  But it also depends on how much more the unexpected plumbing issues are going to run me.  After hearing that number, I may just want to economize.

Yesterday, the gas fireplace insert was installed.  It feels like progress even though there's still a hole in the floor of the laundry room and there's wood, sawdust, equipment and debris everywhere.  We are tentatively looking to have the inspection next Wednesday.  There is one issue that may trip us up there.  I won't worry about it for now.  I am selecting fixtures and buying lighting, towel racks, etc.  And the washer and dryer.  This is the fun part.

I'm going to have a niche above the fireplace and I want to find something really lovely to display there.

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