Saturday, February 4, 2012


The contractor started with the garage on Wednesday (Feb 1).  Did the demolition and now has studs in place and wiring, starting insulation.  Since the garage takes up nearly half of the lower part of my house, I'm trying to make it warmer in order to keep the living space above it warmer too.  We've added some insulation around the heating ductwork that runs along the ceiling of the garage.  We're not actually heating the garage but just trying to keep it warmer than the outdoors.  It looks like I'll probably replace the garage doors in order to solve the problem of the hole previously cut into the ceiling to accommodate a garage door opener.  The new doors will be insulated all around.  There will be a new opener for one door to replace the broken one.  Then sheet rock on remaining two walls, white paint, and lighting fixtures.  Mostly simple stuff.

My girlfriends wonder why I would spend any money on the garage.  "It's just a garage!" they say.  But when you talk to men, it's an important space.  It will make the house more appealing to buyers who might want workspace, and a good wall for hanging things.

I'm loving the progress.

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