Friday, February 17, 2012

Garage Update

Mostly done, and just wonderful.  It's an incredible change.  Still remaining to do is to close the holes in the celing where the old door opener track runs and then install new doors.  What a dirty job it has been.  And how clean, white and bright it is now.  The garage is large, so I have been able to move everything back in and arrange my shelves in the finished part  My contractor even fixed up my shelves, bracing up the sagging shelves and fastening everything securely to the wall. 

I have to admit some emotional feelings today as I organized things.  Tearing down all the old craziness contrived by my husband and putting up clean white walls is hugely symbolic to me.  I had goosebumps all day while working out there.  I love the space and I can now make it my own.  The ghosts have been exorcised.

On to the basement.  Oh what a job lies ahead.  We are adding a powder room in what is now the utility/laundry room.  No room for a shower, so I have given up on that.  A new electrical panel as all the new wiring has outgrown the old box.  A beautiful new gas fireplace.  Upgraded heating, lighting, electrical, new carpet.  Demolition has already begun.  Tomorrow my son will help me move out the last remaining items from the bedroom to the garage where now much space has been opened up.  And then things will get wild and noisy.  And when it's finished, new furniture, new washer and dryer (desperately needed) -- maybe in shiny red!

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