Friday, March 1, 2013


March is coming in like a lamb this week.  For the first time in a long time, not only are the predicted high temperatures above freezing, the lows are even mostly above, too.  We are seeing more sunny days, which have been few and far between so far in 2013.  No major storms are on the way

I've settled into a new routine with getting grandchildren into school and picking them up--spending the afternoon with the five-year-old where we spend a little more time working on letters, numbers, and so on.  It's good for me.  It has forced me to be up, dressed, with hair and makeup more or less done before leaving the house at 6:15.   This makes me feel more energetic about tackling projects or just housecleaning and getting out for errands.  It's been good.

A five-year-old can ask more questions per minute than you might be ready to answer.  I try, though some of them are a bit hard.  He's beginning to wonder about me and worry that I'm alone.  His parents have explained, but he wants to hear it from me.  Who is your husband?  Where is your husband?  Why did he die?  And lately, Get another husband, grandma.  And when I ask why.  Because you don't have one.  Hah!  I realize that's mostly the reason for getting the first two husbands. 

I'm happy to have this new occupation.  It's an opportunity not only to give the little one an extra boost with school studies, but also to influence these little guys and also make some memories. 

The schedule will vary with a few weeks in April when the kids are out of school, and then six weeks in the summer when I'll have them both all day.  They are on a year-round school schedule which makes for some strange school break periods.  About mid-August they will both be in school full time and I won't have the midday pickup and afternoon tending of the kindergartener.

The fact that I can provide the daycare and carpooling for the kids is a big help to the family, I know.  But it gives me peace of mind, too, knowing the kids are well looked after and are happy.  This early schedule means both parents are home around 4:15, shortly after the kids are home from school, and the family can have hours together every evening for dinner, homework, television, play.  I know how much they appreciate it. 

As the weather gets better, everything gets easier.  I look forward to small things like not needing to wear coats. But this is Utah, and we aren't finished with winter.  There will still be snowstorms and driveway shoveling.  But at some point, the snow gives way to rain and more sun.  Some of the trees are showing red-tipped branches and tiny leaf buds are appearing despite the unusually cold year.  Some summer birds are even returning earlier than expected.  I will start some seeds indoors this week in the belief that spring really will come.

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