Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 New Year's Resolutions

I'll start the year by not wishing "Happy" new year to anyone.  I have been shaken this past year by the losses in my close circle of friends.  I remember starting out so hopeful in January, little suspecting the tragedies ahead.

Instead I will wish us all a contented new year with the courage and strength to face its challenges, and grace in accepting whatever good fortune it holds.

I reviewed my three simple resolutions of 2013.  I accomplished the reorganizing closets and drawers (with a couple still unfinished, but close enough to call it done).  I launched the upstairs doors and floors remodel, which expanded to include a shower remodel.  That is underway.  And while it's not finished, it will be in the early part of 2014.  So I'll check that one off.

The third resolution was a bust.  Taking care of Becky did not happen.  I had sporadic periods of walking, dieting, trying to focus on new hobbies.  But the distractions this year proved to be too much for me.  I didn't figure out how to take care of my grandchildren and take care of myself, too.  Ice and snow kept me sedentary at the start and the end of the year.  I simply did not figure out how to do this one.

So, for 2014, I have just one resolution:  Find new ways of taking better care of myself.  This is about physical health most of all.  But also about mental, spiritual, and even social needs.  This may sound selflish or self-centered, but that's not my intent.  I will always be a support to my family and friends, no question.  But I simply must do better at taking care of myself, or I won't be around as long as possible to do those things.  I do hope the year brings an ability to return to my music, art, and writing (and reading).  These are things that have brought pleasure and satisfaction in the past, but which became very hard for me to do at all this past year.

The nicest thing I did for myself in 2013 was acquire a fluffy little white dog named Frankie.  In fact, he has been a joy for the entire family.  He's on the couch here beside me as I write, all curled up snoozing as he does a good deal of the day.  I share him with my son's family and they have fallen in love with him, too, and now he spends a couple of days at a time at their house, having his own bed, dish, toys, and food there as well.  He'll offer some companionship in the coming months.

I'm entering this new year with no expectations -- high or low.  I will walk softly and hope for good things while preparing for anything.   

So deep breath, now.  Here we go . . . 2014 . . .


troutbirder said...

Well said Becky. I hope it all goes well for you. Your not being self cause.... you deserve the best. Take care of yourself.. I'm hoping something similar as last year was a bust on family, personal especially health issues. Each year will require patience as I slide into a "caretaker" role but with the help of family, friends, and the Mayo Clinic .....:)

Bekkieann said...

Oh, TB, this is a tough way for you to be starting out 2014. I am reading between the lines and know what you are referring to. I'm so sorry to hear of this for both of you. I especially wish strength and courage to you both at this time. You will be in my thoughts.