Friday, December 6, 2013

And yet another remodel project

One of my new year's resolutions was to do the "Upstairs Doors and Floors" project.  It took me till October to feel I was ready to call the contractor.  I first wanted to clean and reorganize every closet in the house.  Why they took me till October -- well, don't ask.  By the time I called, the contractor was very involved in other projects.  But I have so much confidence in him and the quality of his work, I wasn't even interested in talking to anyone else.  We went over my ideas, added a few things; he gave me a bid and we made some revisions.  But nothing happened until this week.  Suddenly my contractor is free and ready to work on the house.

Now you might think at three weeks before Christmas I'd just put the project off now until the first of the year.  Well, no sir!  I really want to have this project done.  I'm willing to put up with some mess throughout the holidays.  And my contractor is available because most people don't want the house in a mess during the holidays.  He's available, I say, "Let's do it!"

The project was expanded to a new shower in one of the bathrooms, along with paint.  And new baseboards throughout the upstairs along with the doors and casings.  The heat tape is already installed but needs to have an electrical connection done.  And  I absolutely have to make a decision about replacing that carpet or not.  I make a different decision every day.  But one day soon I need to make a decision I can live with.  I'm very excited about it all.

Today, they showed up and did demolition in the shower.  What was a dark closed-in shower with a tiny door, will be all opened up with clear glass wall and door and even a light!

I'm probably not putting up Christmas decorations this year. Or maybe just minimal, and probably not a tree. Don't feel sorry for me. I just don't feel up to it this year and the world won't end because of it. I'll probably resume my old habits next year. My grandkids are off-track and with me all day. And there's the new little doggie, Frankie. This month will be less glittery and more adventure.

And wouldn't it be just wonderful to actually accomplish one of those resolutions!  And I did finish most of another resolution: the Grand Reorganization.  The little remaining of that will be done by the end of the year.  Don't ask about the third one--putting myself on the list.  That one got lost.


troutbirder said...

Sounds good. Nothing like updating and you'll feel better about it all. Our home projects waited till fall and all were essential infrastructure. Faulty shingles failing on our house after ten years. Millions of northerners bought these paper shingles which insurance didn't cover and the companies got out of paying for as they declared bankruptcy. An 8,000 dollar fix. Then the septic tank line that froze last February and required insulation. Then the in floor heat also failed and required new controls. And new flooring in the basement. And. Well enough whining but you get the idea. It was mostly stuff that didn't work and needed to be fixed... Grrrrr

Bekkieann said...

Oh man, the joys of home ownership. Sometimes I think I'd like to rent and make it someone else's responsibility to fix everything! (Almost, but not really.) Sounds like it was an expensive year for you. Not fun!