Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Idyl Life

I would like to never go out again.
Out and about, that is.
Just stay indoors.
Or lounge on the patio.
Or stroll around the garden
but seldom farther.

People could visit
And bring wine
and cheesecake
and chocolate
and crusty bread
or flaky croissants
or pain au chocolat.
And pineapple
and tender pea pods.
And shrimp to sauté
in butter and garlic.

And stay too late
and drink too much
and have to sleep over.

We'd walk around the morning yard
Picking weeds and flowers.
Filling bird feeders
and baths.
And then coffee and cheesecake
for breakfast.

And say goodbye
and all return home
for mid-day naps.
Then afterward wash the clothes and dishes
take out the trash, and tidy the place,
just before the guests arrive,

To do it all again.

"An Idyl Life" by Becky Stauffer
copyright 2014


troutbirder said...

Ah a poem that says it all. I can relate.... Perhaps it's the long long view of caretaking as well as aging that narrows ones focus on life itself. I think so

Bekkieann said...

Perhaps so, TB. We do find our lives so complicated, it's nice to dream of something more simple.