Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring 2014 - The Yard is Beautiful

Almost nothing makes me happier than the day Alberto's crew comes to do the spring cleanup in my yard. This year especially so. With the extra family duties, I've had no time to tackle things in the yard. It was such a mess, it was getting depressing. But one day with the cleanup crew, and my yard looks like heaven on earth.

The perennials are growing and a few are blooming. I will have something in bloom from now until well into Fall. I planned it that way. And I'll be adding more perennials again this year as I always do. Alberto's guys always pull up a few thinking they are weeds, but I don't complain much about that since they do such an amazing job.

 Today is an overcast day, so colors in my photos are muted. But the yard is lovely and all the little birds seem to be enjoying it as much as I am.

Frankie checks out the first 10 pots I've planted in annuals so far.  Still have 10 of medium to large size to plant, and another 8 or so little ones.


troutbirder said...

Everything looks so verdant. Ok I always wanted to try that word in a sentence....:)

Bekkieann said...

Such a nice compliment. Thank you!