Thursday, March 6, 2008

Everyone can stop nagging me now . . .

I finally got an x-ray and good news, it's not broken, just torn ligaments. So now I have a lovely brace to wear for a few weeks. I can walk, I can work in the yard, I can even ski - the doc says the ski boots are great because they keep the foot in a flexed position and the ankle doesn't move at all. If the swelling goes down, I'll be back on the mountain.

And in two to six weeks it will be healed.

Oh, and here's the best part: before taking the x-rays, the young technician asked me if there was any chance I might be pregnant. "Not a chance," says I, "since I'm 60 years old." "No way," says the technician, "I can't believe you're 60. I'd have guessed maybe 42." I know, she was stretching it a bit, but wasn't she nice to say it.

And I'm kidding about the nagging. I appreciate the concern.

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