Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A place in the sun

There's a sunny place at the end of my couch every afternoon just after I get off work. The timing is perfect. I curl up with a cozy blanket for 30 minutes or so -- those warm sun rays insisting that I sleep at once deeply and pleasantly.

A friend of mine has been telling me of the joys of napping. I don't take naps. I'm too busy, too old, too something. But what the heck. I have a perfectly good sunny spot going to waste. I might as well use it until the sun moves on north and messes up the timing. So I tried it. I liked it. Now I look forward to it and am disappointed if something interferes.

It reminds me of relationships. You start out in a warm sunny place. But eventually the sun moves north or south and you have to change your routine. Sometimes you give it up, sometimes you adapt.

I'm starting to like that little afternoon nap and I may just continue on with it even when that spot is no longer sunny. But it's oh so nice for now - my place in the sun. Cats got that one right.

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