Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The front yard is almost finished

Planted a dozen or so plants in the front-most garden and put down bark throughout. Jupiter's Beard, Blanket Flower, Lavendar, purple Cone Flower, and Sweet Williams. I still want something dark purple, like Speedwell, and at least one Agastache plant for hummingbirds in there, but they weren't on sale yet. So I'll wait a bit. Maybe I'll add some Asters for fall color. Now I just need to do one more phase of removing runners from under the Wisteria and put down bark there, and I'll call it finished in front. Oh, I know I'll be beguiled by plants I see in the coming months, and I'll be adding them in, but I've got a nice mix of color now for a start.

I did mow the lawn again and boy is it growing fast. I guess fertilizing does work. All in all, I'm very happy with the front. But the weeds are now getting out of control elsewhere, so I need to move on.

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