Sunday, May 4, 2008

Through digging up grass for the day.

I've managed to reclaim the west end of my front flower bed. The ground is bone dry. I think tonight I'll put a sprinkler on that bed. Can't charge up the whole sprinkling system yet. I know I have a few things to fix and probably some I haven't discovered yet. I'd sure like to redo the entire system, but that will have to wait for another year. I wonder what my ex was thinking when he ran all those lines all those various ways, some duplicating one another, some lying above ground, odds and ends. It doesn't make any sense. But I limped along with it last year, and I'll make do again this - I want to spend my money on a new kitchen this year.

Boy those grass roots are persistent!

I'll get cleaned up and go shopping now, and then paint the birdhouses when I get home. And put some water on those flowers.

The deer got a handful of tulips, but either they were scared off or my deer repellent worked as there are still dozens remaining in glorious bloom, and many more getting ready. That repellent is now $19 for a small spray bottle. I decided against getting more for now and just watered down what I had left. It seems to be okay.

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